After jointly giving over 45 years of service to The Feoffees and Thirteen, I am sad to report that we have to say goodbye to two of our hard working group.  Firstly, after 30 years of service to both the Thirteen and the Feoffees, John Sheppard has retired.  His expertise in the management and repairs of The Market House has been invaluable to the group and his hard work and commitment to keeping this building in such a wonderful condition has allowed it to become the ‘jewel in the centre of town’.  We are grateful to him for his service and will miss his support and commitment.  His vacancy on The Feoffees will be filled by Thirteen – Dave Norris – we welcome him and look forward to working with him, a new member of the Thirteen will be appointed in due course.  Secondly, Campbell Higgins who has been our clerk for 15 years will be standing down as Treasurer at the end of September.  Campbell undertook the role of Clerk and Treasurer initially and more recently has acted as our Treasurer, following the appointment of a new clerk.  Our group has benefitted greatly from his professionalism and experience and we are grateful for his commitment to our group.  The Feoffees and Thirteen would like to publicly acknowledge and thank both John and Campbell for their service to the town.

On another note, we have received a number of complaints from the residents at the bottom of Gumstool Hill and the Millennium Green regarding dog fouling on the grass.  This is a public space which we voluntarily provide and maintain for the benefit of the entire town and we respectfully ask that all dog owners are responsible and remove any fouling which occurs – thank you.

By the time you read this, Tony Walsh will have given a further historical talk on The Feoffees our history to the Malmesbury Probus Club – if you have a club who would be interested in a talk or tour of The Market House, please contact us.

Finally, this month we have been able to support Tetbury Hospital with the funding to purchase a new Video Lryngoscope and we have been pleased to see that our grants to Sir William Romney’s School and St Mary’s School has resulted in a successful Field Trip for Yearpupils to Shropshire and new tables for the Primary School.

If you would like to know more about the type of grants and support available, please do not hesitate to contact us. Educational or Training Grants, as well as discretionary Grants to the town’s clubs and societies are available by application to the Feoffees at -  Lance Vick – Chairman