The Feoffees and Thirteen of Tetbury


We have recently been asked by a local resident for more information regarding our work and role in our town both today and the part we have played historically and I hope to answer a few of these questions:


The Feoffee and Thirteen were formed in 1633, as Lords of the Manor of Tetbury in trust for the town, when the town was purchased by four locals from George, Lord Berkeley and his mother, of Berkeley Castle. The Feoffee are the Trustees and are financially responsible for The Romney Charity and The John Phillips Millennium Green Trust and are supported in their work by the members of the Thirteen.


Members of the Feoffee, there are 7, come from the Thirteen when a vacancy becomes available.  The Thirteen were historically made up of the Jury of the Town and the Town Bayliff. Today the Thirteen look to elect members from the community who are involved in and work for the benefit of the town and its residents.  This is a feudal and archaic democratic institution.


The Romney Charity – The Trustees (Feoffees) are empowered to use the assets under their control for the general benefit of the people of Tetbury, in particular, the advancement of education, relief of poverty and the provision and maintenance of the open areas, recreational spaces and other properties owned by the charity.


The John Phillips Millennium Green Trust – the main aim of this trust is to provide informal leisure amenities for the people of Tetbury





Lance Vick – Chairman

Dave Hicks – Vice Chairman – responsibility for The Market Hall

John Hugginson – responsibility for The Chipping and Chipping Car Park

Mike Houghton – responsibility for the Herd Lane Allotments

Will Cook – responsibility for Preston Park and the Railway Line

Richard Cooper - responsibility for Lower Gumstool Hill and the Millennium Green

Dave Norris – responsibility for Open Spaces



Jim Pearce – Chairman                                   Danny Bristow

Tony Walsh – Vice- Chairman                       David Smith

Nikki Ind – Secretary                                        Rachel Lee

John Price                                                            Richard Witchell

Peter Witchell                                                     Mike Avis

Mike Francis                                                       Darby Law

John Latter


You can find out much more about our history and the current work we do in the town, by visiting our website or speaking to any member of the Feoffee or Thirteen, we would be pleased to hear from you.


We have recently had a parking space become vacant at the bottom of Gumstool Hill at the Millennium Green, if you would like to rent, please contact Feoffee Richard Cooper via our website.


Finally, I am pleased to confirm that in the last month we were able to make grants to local residents towards the following –


  • Equipment for a local apprentice plumber

  • Books and equipment for a number of local students going to University and College


Lance Vick – Chairman