The Feoffees and Thirteen of Tetbury

Firstly, whilst Christmas seems a long time ago, I wanted to send a thank you to Amanda and the team at Hobbs House Bakery, who kindly supplied bacon sandwiches and Peter Powell and the Creative team, who kindly supplied coffee, for all our volunteers who decorated The Market Hall and the Christmas trees. We would also like to thank the Dormers Close residents – Caron, James, Alex and Alison - who supplied and decorated the Christmas Tree in Berkeley Wood and ensured that the letters in the Post Box reached Santa safely.

I would like to start the new year, by looking back at 2017 and letting you know that we were very pleased to make grants to 30th September 2017 of over £25,000 to both Community Groups and individuals, these grants were:

Fixed Grants

Advowson (Town Council)- £70

Lecturers Grant - £30

St Marys Primary School - £3000

Millennium Green - £2500

British Legion – £150

Flower Show – £300

Tetbury in Bloom - £1500

Holiday at Home - £1500

Library - £1500

Tetbury Relief in Need - £6000

Tetbury Youth Pod - £3,000 (subject to them confirming their future plans with the Treasurer) 

Individual Grants

£300 grant support for plumbing course apprenticeship

£230 support for a course at Kings College

£360 support for an individual to undertake a talking and drawing therapy course

In addition, in November we supported St Mary’s Playgroup with some additional funding, which included a £300 training grant and in December we supported the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme at Sir William Romney’s with a grant of £3,000.

Finally, we are working with the town council and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust on a project to look at clearing the stream from Preston Park to Wiltshire Bridge.

If you think we may be able to help you with an education or training grant or your group, please visit our website -  or speak to one of our members.

Lance Vick – Chairman